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FAQS (Frequently asked questions)

OMR stands for Optical Mark Reader or Recognition OMR is used to read forms which have variable size field entries and the entry can be in form of a check mark, a cross, or some scribble. These forms include but are not restricted to automated entry sheets where the user needs to fill in an oval shape with a number 2 pencil. OMR usually needs a blank form and a definition of entry zones. The OMR detects marks in the scanned image and classifies them accordingly. OMR Sheet is document which is printed with OMR specifications, our OMR Software can read a normal paper OMR sheet or OMR Scanner OMR Sheet.

Standard Definition:

OMR Sheet is one of the "security print document" which is configured in such a manner that it is difficult to reproduce by anyone else, but easy to be identified by the owner as original. The idea behind using these sheets is to make form processing 'An Easy and a Fast process'. These OMR Sheets are extensively used by educational institutions across the world.

They meet the needs of -

  • Competitive & Standard Examinations
  • Data Procuring Process