First Time in India, Oscan Software with Tick Technology Ideal for OMR Sheet ScanningComplete Pre & Post Exam Solution

OMR Sheet Division

OMR Sheet (Optical Mark Reader) is a pre-printed paper security documents which contains bubbles, timing tracks sensors. Bubbles are filled circled by the candidates and timing tracks helps us to read the OMR Sheet.

Information required for OMR Sheet

OMR Sheet for Exam contains the personal information of the candidate like Name, Date of Birth, Father's Name, Roll Number, Category, Address, Mobile Number, Email, Date of Exam, Barcode/QR code and answers to be filled by the candidate.

OMR Sheet with tick mark technology

In the latest technology, instead of filling the bubbles, the candidate can tick mark the bubble and Scanning Software accepts the tick also.

OMR Sheet with tick mark technology

Application of OMR Sheet

OMR Sheets are used for conducting various types of exams from KG level to professional level exams. These types of exams also known as multiple choice exams.

OMR Sheets are used for various applications as under

  1. Registration
  2. Admissions
  3. Olympiad Exams
  4. Entrance Exams
  5. Competitive Exams
  6. Talent Search Exams
  7. Recruitment Exams
  8. Scientific Survey
  9. Marketing Survey
  10. Statics Survey
  11. Inventory
  12. Feed Back forms
  13. Election Forms
  14. Attendance Sheet
  15. Employee Promotion Assessment

Recently we have used the OMR Sheet for election and attendance purpose.