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First Time in India, Oscan Software with Tick Technology Ideal for OMR Sheet ScanningComplete Pre & Post Exam Solution

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Oscan Omr software is world's fastest OMR Evaluation Software, The software developed by IITans of Multigraphics, Oscan is compatible with any normal ADF scanner and give you desired result in three easy steps. Oscan trusted for 100% accuracy level, silent features of Oscan makes software unique and superior from other OMR software's. An advance feature of Oscan helps to read the data of even partially damaged sheet.

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  • Design Omr sheet as per your requirement, take the test, scan the sheets, and choose the template and Processed.
  • You will get 1000 students of results in 10 minutes with scan images in right and wrong manner according to your answers key.
  • No extra manpower qualified staff required for operating, a beginner can learn it in just half an hour.
  • Independently set your marking, negative marking, bonus marking, and subjective marking.