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First Time in India, Oscan Software with Tick Technology Ideal for OMR Sheet ScanningComplete Pre & Post Exam Solution

Silent Feature of Oscan

Silent Feature of Oscan

  • Oscan co-relates the pre & post exam activities
  • Oscan +3000 Omr Sheet Scanning Software is only software, which co-relates the post & pre examination activities by visualizing the mismatch & takes the corrective steps to eliminate the error.

  • Scanned Images Marking
  • Output images of scanned Omr Sheets marked with right for right answer, wrong with wrong with answer key of each right answer.

  • Window opening during Validation
  • Small window, which can be zoomed, is opened during the mismatch check.

  • Partially Damaged Sheet Scanning
  • Oscan also reads the partially damaged sheets, damaged during the exams, Oscan first align the skewed Omr Sheets & then it reads. Oscan is the only Omr Sheet Scanning Software has this unique feature.

  • Tremendous Reading Speed
  • Oscan +3000 speed is excellent without effecting the accuracy & cannot be matched by any software.

  • Inbuilt Template Designing
  • Template designing is very simple & easy.

  • OCR/ICR Facility
  • OCR/ICR is the added advantage to match the hand written data & Omr filled Data.

  • Complete Exam Solution for Pre & Post Exam activities
  • Oscan +3000 is the complete software for pre & post examination activities, simple online training is required to operate the software.

  • Image Reader
  • Oscan captures the images of Bar code, Litho Code, Photo, Signature image.

  • Admit Card Generator
  • Admit card can be generated from the Omr Form. Omr Form is so designed, generally in A-3 size, the bottom part is used as the Admit card.

  • Reporting Analysis
  • Result can be analyzed in type of patterns, subject wise, roll number & name wise, school wise, district wise, category wise, state wise. Reports can be customized as per requirement.

  • Mode of Result Declaration
  • Result can be declared on Website, Mails, and SMS & Phone.

  • Accuracy- 100%
  • Oscan Guarantees 100% accuracy & efficiency

  • User Friendly
  • Simple Online Training is sufficient to run Oscan. User manual is available with Oscan.

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Oscan is very cost effective.

  • Customization
  • Oscan can be customized as per the requirement of clients.

  • Security Feature
  • Security features are main consideration & nobody can access the result without the permission of authorized person of organization.

    Being the complete exam solution pre & post, leading Universities, State Service Commission, Leading Professional Institutes & Recruitment Organizations are appreciating this Software.