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First Time in India, Oscan Software with Tick Technology Ideal for OMR Sheet ScanningComplete Pre & Post Exam Solution

Multigraphics Strength

Multigraphics is the one of the leading company in India, which provides the all the activities under one roof like Manufacturing of Omr Sheets with Security Features, Scanning and Processing House with Latest and Modern Infrastructure with Worlds Fastest Scanner and Oscan - Omr Sheet Scanning Software. All the facilities are available in few companies in India.

Multigraphics Education Solution Division was set up, 20 years back, by the Renowned Educationist, Scientist and Doctorate, to make advanced education user friendly. Because of this rich expertise, we have more than 1000 clients including Leading Universities, Institutes, Colleges, MNCs, Government Organizations as well as Semi-Government Organizations.

Multigraphics's Omr Division

Multigraphics Omr Division has Latest and Modern Plant amd Machinery to produce Omr Sheets with Bar Code, Letho Code, QR Code with security feature like invisible ink printing can be seen through UV Rays only, Carbonless Sheet with a plant capacity to manufacture 3.0 Lacs. sheets per day with 100 % quality check with facility of pre scanning of each Omr Sheet.

Multigraphics's Omr Scanning Division

Multigraphics Omr Scanning Division has the well Qualified amd Experienced Staff, equipped with the World's Fastest and Accurate Scanners to Scan the Omr Sheet with Highest Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency for processing of Omr Sheets, Result Preparation and Registration. Multigraphic Scanning Division has the capability of Scan the Any volume of Omr Sheets and Process the Result.

Multigraphics's Oscan Omr Software with Tick Technology Output (First Time in India)

Multigraphics Software Division has developed and brought the revolution in Omr Technology by introducing the Oscan Omr Sheet Scanning Software with tick technology, which accepts the tick mark of the Omr Sheet and this type of feature is introduced First Time in India and no one can challenge the tick mark, this is the added advantage on Omr Technology. After scanning and processing of Omr Sheets, every Image of Omr Sheet has the tick mark for right answer. This Oscan Software is appreciated by all the Clients all over India and Abroad

Silent Feature of Oscan Omr Sheet Scanning Software

  • Scanning Output Images with tick for right answer, First time in India
  • High Speed Omr Sheet Scanning
  • Damaged Sheet can be Scanned.
  • Accuracy- Guaranteed 100%
  • High Speed Reading
  • Built in Template Designing
  • No Variation in Results irrespective of many times of Scanning
  • Integrated with Rough and Tough ADF Scanner
  • Images can be Cropped (Optional)
  • Bar Code, QR Code and Litho Code Reader.
  • No Day to Day Support Required
  • Test Analytic and Graphical Reports ( Optional)
  • Integrated with Rough and Tough ADF Scanner
  • Service Centers of ADF Scanner - all over India


  • Fastest Processing & Result Preparation
  • 100% Accurate
  • Efficient System
  • No Human Error
  • Chances of Manipulation reduced
  • 100% Reliable
  • Costing minimized.